COMMERCIAL & Multifamily Applications

New sealing technology for compartmentalization of large commercial and multifamily structures 

commercial Projects from Aerobarrier


Project Overview - Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority

Project: Hickock House

Construction Date: 1904

Size: Four Floors

Interior Surface Area: 17,188 Sq. Ft.

Building Type: Brick and Mortar Facade

Pre Sealing Leakage: 2,882.2 cfm

Leakage Goal: 860 cfm = .05 cfm or less per sq. ft.

Leakage after AeroBarrier: 530 cfm or .03 cfm sq. ft. 


Project Overview - Perch in Harlem

Project: 153rd Street Apartments

Construction Date: 2017

Size: Seven Floors

Interior Surface Area: 40,000 Sq. Ft.

AeroBarrier Sealing Results: Post a manual  sealing effort,  AeroBarrier reduced unit leakage by an additional 47% providing an overall compartmentalization level well within the calculated passive house parameters.   


Project Overview - Industrial Building "Safe Haven" Room

Project: Air Sealing "Safe Rooms" in Coal Plants

Practical Application:   

If there were ever to be an airborne leak at the power plant employees can close themselves in one of these rooms and fresh air will be pumped into the space. Because of the effectiveness of AeroBarrier and the results we can achieve, the “safe havens” will keep the fresh air in the room and the chemical leak out. Allowing the employees to stay in the room up to 2 hours. 

AeroBarrier Sealing Results: 0.5 ACH (60.4 cfm)   

aerobarrier - Case Studies


AeroBarrier-Case Studies-Compartmentalization (pdf)


AeroBarrier Multifamily Projects

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